1. Kyle Mooney & Beck Bennett wish good luck to Seth Meyers

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    Brotherhood of Man -How to Succeed with Darren Criss!

    This is adorable.

    i never know how people can take these things without being blatantly obvious. but.

    thanks for giving me a glimpse of d. criss in this role.

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  4. aw. simon baker was at their table, too?

    look at all those cute boys in cute specs. 

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  5. tangled has to be the cutest movie i’ve seen in yeeeeears. one of the best disney princess films of recent memory, for sure.

    plus knowing zachary levi was the voice of flynn didn’t hurt. ;)

  6. this is cute. and a pretty easy diy with some lace trim an a sewing machine.

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  7. zach braff on conan.

    forgot how much i love him. now i need to watch garden state. and THIS episode of scrubs. Its my absolute favorite.