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“Have a good line.”

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Before Finn I used to sing alone.

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Glee 5x03 "The Quarterback"

Finn Hudson
1994 - 2013
"The show must go… all over the place… or something."



made it 30 seconds. 

found a stream for glee. ready to bawl my eyes out.

"The Quarterback" promo

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found a link for glee. nothing like a good heaving sob session before bed

In the wake of Finn’s sudden death, former members of New Directions return to McKinley to remember their fallen friend. While a stoic Mr. Schue encourages all the gleeks to ‘memorialize him the way we do everything — by singing about it,’ some of the kids find the exercise more cathartic than others. At the Hudson-Hummel home, Kurt, Burt and Carole sort through Finn’s belongings and what begins as a somber occasion blossoms into a poignant and much needed family moment.
Meanwhile, Emma grows concerned when she believes Will is so busy taking care of others that he’s not allowing himself time to grieve; Santana struggles with using her ‘bitch’ mask to hide her fond feelings for Finn, and has a run in with Bree, McKinley’s ‘New Santana’; and following a heart-to-heart with Coach Beiste, Puck honors Finn’s memory by making a life-changing decision about his future.

This is reportedly the synopsis for the Cory Monteith memorial episode of Glee. More here.

and now. a gut punch to the feels. 

glee has been

pretty bootsy this season. corny plots. the death of klaine. terrible songs.

but this week they open with blaine singing “hopelessly devoted to you” and are on the way to winning me back.

as trite and cliché as it is for a high school to do grease. i kind of love it.

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