1. tedmosbyisnotajerk:

    don’t worry guys. im sure a few years after the finale, robin dies, allowing ted be with his 3rd one true love, victoria.

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  2. so angry and yet. i am legitimately crying after reading this. gd you himym. 


  3. the bible said Adam and Eve not Ted and Robin

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  4. khaleesiisthenewblack:

    This is how all finales should now end, tbh.

  6. nph-burtka:

    How I Met Your Mother Series Finale – “Memories” Video

    From the first episode to the last table read, share the memories with the cast and crew who brought you nine years of How I Met Your Mother in the following video. The Series finale will air on Monday, March 31!

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  7. neilerburtkapathhimymer:

    HIMYM has officially wrapped!! :’(

    (February 28th, 2014)

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  8. How I Met Your Mother ~ Stills | 9x16 - How Your Mother Met Me 

    i have barely watched himym this season. but every pic i see has been hitting me in the feels. i am a sad sap when it comes to this show. 

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  9. in a perfect world, marshall would be my end game.

    but. sometimes i just really want to make out with ted mosby. rub my face on his face.


  10. season 8 of himym is finally on netflix?! plans for the weekend are made. boom.

  11. September 19th, 2005 - September 23rd, 2013.

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  12. ohhhhhh

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  13. always reblog

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  14. Ted’s Kids Like You’ve Never Seen Them (x)

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  15. teatralka:

    Ted’s Kids Like You’ve Never Seen Them

    omg yes.

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