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  3. Everyone's Lines on Glee

    1. Rachel: ME ME ME! MINE MINE MINE! ME! .... you?
    2. Finn: Uhhhh.... Ummm... I'm the leader! ... Um... Watch me say something rude that I will not apologize for later!
    3. Quinn: ME ME ME! ... CRAZY BULL SHIT!!!!!!!!!!
    4. Rory: Irish mumble... line that doesn't make sense.
    5. Santana: FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU! Ripping retort and emotional tears.
    6. Blaine: Inspirations dribble taken completely out of context. Unbelievably nice and helpful comment? Ignored.
    7. Brittany: Funny word pun. CATS!
    8. Artie: Nerd reference. Unimportant comment phrased like a gangsta.
    9. Sam: Abs...
    10. Mr. Schue: Blah blah blah! No one listens to anything I say anyway, so it really doesn't matter what I say. Blah blah blah Regionals!
    11. Puck: Badass line that doesn't mean anything. Heartwarming thoughtfulness. Poop.
    12. Kurt: Bitchy zinger. Speech that makes the whole world cry... except for the people in the show actually being talked to.
    13. Mike: Dance. Dance? ... Dance.
    14. Tina: ... I get a line? Holy hell! I got a line! Oh my god! What should I say? Something funny? Something sweet! OH! It should be about Mike! What should I say about Mike? .... Ooops. Line's over.
    15. ^^Truth.

  4. "yeah, summer in canada is pretty much the last week of july."
    — preach it, robin scherbatsky. preach. it. [HIMYM, season 3, episode 16, ‘Sandcastles in the Sand.
  7. GPOY

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