1. khaleesiisthenewblack:

    Welcome to the hot dad club.

    j kras is officially a dilf you guys


  2. in case you may have forgotten:

    bradley cooper and ryan gosling can get it.

  3. what. a. stupid. face. i will never love another as much as i love groff. le sigh.

    what. a. stupid. face.


  4. ok jim halpert.

    i see what you’re trying to do. be all cute and dorky in this weeks episode.

    but i’m still a little miffed about your behavior last week.


  6. day 13 - where you slept. see that empty pillow? not there 😔 hahaha, if only though. 😍😍😍 #chacecrawford #boyfran #swoon #novemberphotoaday


  7. glee has been

    pretty bootsy this season. corny plots. the death of klaine. terrible songs.

    but this week they open with blaine singing “hopelessly devoted to you” and are on the way to winning me back.

    as trite and cliché as it is for a high school to do grease. i kind of love it.

  8. and of course it looks like rain. oh well. #concerts + #rain + #centralpark = #magic. @fosterthepeople #swoon #obsessed #summerstage (Taken with Instagram)

  9. ugh. @gavincreel is the cutest. #tonyawards #michigan #swoon (Taken with Instagram)

  10. thanks for this, AMNY. #gosling #swoon #hero  (Taken with instagram)

  11. i can’t i can’t i can’t 

  12. this makes me want to be in the sewing lab creating beautiful things. right this second.

  14. i think i want to procreate with chace crawford mostly because i want my children to have great eyebrows. 


    come on.

    so good.

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